Rohan Ajay Dubey

University of London


Research interests

Central banking Central Banking China Circuit Theory Classical Keynesianism Classical-Keynesianism Classical Political Economy Climate Change Competition Competitiveness Complexity Economics Consumer Theory Consumption Consumption and Growth cook, hiking cooking, travel Corporate Governance Credit Default Swaps Credit Rationing Crisis Cycles Debt Decision Theory Under Uncertainty Degrowth Developing and emerging Development development economics Development economics Development Economics Development Finance Development Macroeconomic Development models Development Studies Diaspora Remittances Digital Democracy Digital Exclusion Distribution Distribution and Growth Dynamics Earnings Inequality Ecological economics Ecological Economics Economertrics Econometrics Economic Analysis Economic Complexity Economic Constitutionalization Economic Democracy / Co-Operatives Economic Development Economic Development Economic Fragility Economic Function of Law Economic Geography Economic growth Economic Growth Economic History Economic Methodology Economic of Keynes Economic Philosophy Economic Policy Economics Economics Methodology Economic Sociology Economics Of Developing Countries Economics Of Gift And Altruism Economics of Keynes Economics Of Keynes Economics Of Marketing & Consumption Economic Stability Economic statistics Economic Theory Economic Thought Economic Transition EDUCATION ECONOMICS Effective Demand Emerging markets Emerging Markets Functional Finance Modern Monetary Theory