Daniele Tori

Open University

PKES Committee

Daniele is Lecturer in Finance at The Open University Business School. He has a BSc in Political Sciences and a MSc (Hons) in Economics from the University of Pavia (Italy). He obtained his Ph.D in Economics from the University of Greenwich in December 2016.

He has been co-investigator for the project titled “An investment and equality-led sustainable growth programme for Europe” funded by FEPS (January-February 2016) and for the project titled “Financialization and Investment in Developed and Developing countries” funded by UNCTAD (March- June 2016).


Recent publications: 

Botta, A., Caverzasi, E., Tori, D. (forthcoming), "The macroeconomics of shadow banking", Macroeconomic Dynamics.

Botta A., Tori D. (2018) “The Theoretical and Empirical Fragilities of the Expansionary Austerity Theory”. Journal of Post-Keynesian Economics. DOI: 10.1080/01603477.2018.1431789

Tori, D., Onaran Ӧ. (2018) “The effects of financialization on investment: evidence from firm-level data for the UK”. Cambridge Journal of Economics. DOI:

Botta A., Caverzasi E., Tori D. (2015) “Financial–Real-Side Interactions in an Extended Monetary Circuit with Shadow Banking: Loving or Dangerous Hugs?”, International Journal of Political Economy, 44:3, pp.196-227, DOI:10.1080/08911916.2015.1095049

Book Review: Tori D., (2018) “Louis-Philippe Rochon and Sergio Rossi (eds.), An Introduction to Macroeconomics: A Heterodox Approach to Economic Analysis (Edward Elgar, Cheltenham, UK and Northampton, MA, USA 2014) 432 pp.” Review of Keynesian Economics, Vol. 6(1):152-156.

Research interests

Applied Economics Business Cycles Circuit Theory Econometrics Economic History Endogenous Monetary Theory Finance Financialisation Financial-Real Macroeconomy Linkages History Of Economic Thought Income Distribution Stock-Flow Consistent Modelling