Josh Ryan-Collins

University College London


Josh is a Senior Research Associate at the Institute of Innovation and Public Purpose at UCL. He works across a range of areas including inclusive growth, the economics of innovation, economic rent in modern economies, finance and measuring public value. He was previously a senior economist at the New Economics Foundation (NEF), one of the UK’s leading think tanks. There he lead a research program focused on money, credit, banking and the macroeconomics of land and housing. He has written two co-authored books: 'Where Does Money Come From?' (2011, NEF), a comprehensive guide to the UK monetary system which is used as a textbook to teach economics in the UK and U.S.; and ‘Rethinking the Economics of Land and Housing’ (2017, Zed books) which featured in the Financial Times’s Martin Wolf’s top summer reads of 2017. He has a PhD in economics and finance from the University of Southampton Business school and is a Visiting Research Fellow there and also at City University London’s Political Economy Research Centre (CITYPERC).

Research interests

History Of Economic Thought Housing Inflation Institutional Economics Macroeconomic Policy Monetary And Banking Reform Monetary Economics Monetary Macroeconomics Monetary Policy Monetary Theory Money, Credit and Banking Neo-Schumpeterian Political Economy