The General Theory and Victoria Chick at 80

University College London

Room: - Gustave Tuck Lecture Theatre
11 Jul 2016 9 a.m. – 6 p.m.


The conference celebrated and reflected on the lasting contributions of The General Theory and Victoria Chick to macroeconomics, with short presentations from distinguished economists from around the world.  

The event was organised in collaboration with The Post-Keynesian Economics Study Group and the Association for Heterodox Economics. 


Sheila C. Dow
University of Stirling


Victoria Chick
University College London

The General Theory at 80

Anna Carabelli
University of Piemonte Orientale (IT)

This Time is … Complex: Keynes on Time

 Paper  Slides
Alan Freeman
University of Manitoba (CA)

The “Steady State” and its Place in Keynes’s Theory

Bert Tieben
SEO, Amsterdam (NL)

Equilibrium and Uncertainty

Angel Asensio
University of Paris (FR)

A static model of a dynamic process

 Paper  Slides
Rogerio Studart
Brookings Institution (US)

Transforming finance for sustainable investments

Hugh Goodacre
University College London

Ricardian Victory

Andy Denis
City University London

Keynes and Marx: some points of contact

 Paper  Slides
Peter Kriesler
University of New South Wales

A two pronged attack: how Keynes’ theory was lost

Adners Ekeland
University of Oslo (NO)

Pasinetti on the change of paradigm in economics: the unfinished revolution of the Cambridge Keynesians

Jens Hölscher
University of Bournemouth

The Economic Consequences of the Peace

Radhika Desai
University of Manitoba (CA)

Keynes’s journey from supporter to critic of the Gold Standard

Maria Cristina Marcuzzo
University of Rome “La Sapienza” (IT)

Un-twisting The General Theory: Victoria Chick's lifetime challenge

Roy Rotheim
Skidmore College (US)

Open systems and the individual in Keynes’s theory of effective demand

Dario Togati
University of Turin (IT)

The generality of The General Theory

Martin Watts
University of Newcastle, Australia (AU)

Teaching a pluralist first year macroeconomics course utilising blended learning

Allesandro Vercelli
Università degli Studi di Siena (IT)

Weight of argument and liquidity preference: Maynard Keynes in the light of Victoria Chick

Charles Goodhart
London School of Economics and Political Science

Monetary regimes: then and now

Tim Congdon
Institute of International Monetary Research

The general theory of the determination of the quantities of the monetary base and of money, and of the money market rate and “the rate of interest”

Penelope Hawkins
FEASibility, Johannesburg (ZA)

Aggressive lending, social value and regulatory challenge

Amitava Krishna Dutt
University of Notre Dame (US)

Towards a theory of shadow money

Gary Dymski
University of Leeds

Making financial instability visible in space as well as time: toward a more Keynesian approach to economic geography

Geoff Tily
Trades Union Congress

'Academic reviews of Macroeconomics after Keynes in retrospect


Organising committee

Sheila Dow (Stirling and Victoria), Jesper Jespersen (Roskilde) & Geoff Tily (TUC)