Frederic S. Lee's contributions to heterodox economics

By Zdravka Todorova, Tae-Hee Jo

PKES Working Paper 1504

March 2015

The community of heterodox economists has lost Fred Lee, one of its fervent leaders, who has been at the center of the heterodox movement for the past three decades. The paper delineates Fred Lee’s wide-ranging contributions to heterodox economics focusing on the making of the history and identity of heterodox economics, on heterodox microeconomic theory, and on the analysis of the social provisioning process. What do these contributions mean for heterodox economics? Fred Lee has left us heterodox theories, institutions, and goodwill that will continue developing in the work of economists who are concerned with establishing an alternative critical theory to the status quo.

Keywords: Frederic S. Lee, heterodox economics, heterodox theory, heterodox microfoundations, heterodox microeconomics, surplus approach

JEL classification: B30 B50 D20 D40 P10