Workshop on history, money and the macroeconomy: Discussing recent trends in contemporary political economy

UWE Bristol

Bristol Business School, UWE Bristol (Frenchay Campus)
Room: 5X104
28 Jun 2018 9 a.m. – 6 p.m.


This workshop addresses new research frontiers in pluralistic economics, expanding the connections between UWE Bristol and Panthéon-Sorbonne University (Paris). It relies on the interaction between political economists and young scholars, seeking to promote strong research networks and consolidating already established ties.

09:00–09:30: Welcome from Departmental Leaders and presentation from the Organising Committee

09:30–11:00: Presentations I – Critical macroeconomics: 

  • Francesco Sergi (Paris 1/University of Bristol) “The DSGE Models and the Lucas Critique. A Historical Appraisal” (Discussant: Jo Michell) 
  • Aurélien Goutsmedt (Paris 1) “Robert Gordon and the Integration of the Natural Rate of Unemployment in a Keynesian Framework” (Discussant: Lotta-Takala Greenish) 
  • Daniel Bastidas (Paris 1) “The GEMMES project, an application to Brazil” (Discussant: Danielle Guizzo)

11:30–13:00: Presentations II – Financialisation: 

  • Sudeep Jain (UWE Bristol) “Demonetisation in India and The Rise of Digital Financialisation” (Discussant: Susan Newman) 
  • Guillaume Kremer (Paris 1, CES) and BT “Financial innovations and macroeconomic stability, an assessment of securitization and coco-bonds” (Discussant: Yannis Dafermos) 
  • Susan Newman (UWE Bristol) “The making of a global commodity: A political economy of dairy restructuring” (Discussant: Aurélien Goutsmedt)

13:30–14:30: Lunch

14:30–16:30: Presentations III – Ideology, power and the role of the state:

  • Aurélien Goutsmedt (Paris 1), Danielle Guizzo (UWE Bristol) and Francesco Sergi (Paris 1/University of Bristol) “Neutralizing ideology with science: Robert E. Lucas Jr in the public debate” (Discussant: Susan Newman) 
  • Lotta Takala-Greenish (UWE Bristol) “Exploring worker power across formal and informal small and micro-enterprises: Insights from work organisation in waste collection, essential oils and clothing sectors in South Africa” (Discussant: Francesco Sergi)
  • Nicolas Pinsard (Paris 13) and BT “The birth of the state between the Administration and Finance: On the venality of offices in France in the 16th and 17th centuries” (Discussant: Mary Wrenn)
  • Jo Michell (UWE Bristol) (with Cahal Moran) “Reinventing the heterodox wheel: Mainstream macroeconomics since the crisis” (Discussant: Bruno Tinel)

16:45–17:45: Roundtable discussion: Building new pluralistic research frontiers

18:00–19:00: Welcome drinks at the UWE Bristol Student Union (SU), followed by dinner in the city centre

Registration is free - if you would like to attend, please email Danielle Guizzo at with your name and affiliation by Friday 22 June 2018.

Organising committee

Bruno Tinel (Paris 1, CES, UWE Bristol), Danielle Guizzo (UWE Bristol)