26th FMM Conference: Post-Keynesian Economics and Global Challenges

Berlin, Vienna House AndelĀ“s Berlin
20 Oct 2022 – 22 Oct 2022


The 2022 conference aims to take stock of post-Keynesian and other critical contributions with a focus on how they deal with current global macroeconomic challenges. These include high and rising imbal-ances and inequalities at national and global levels, and the need for social-ecological and economic transformation to address the environmental crisis. While these challenges require coordinated government intervention, both nationally and internationally, policymakers are faced with high public debt and, more recently, rising inflation rates. At the same time, the global financial architecture puts severe limits on the ability of countries in the Global South to conduct macroeconomic policies that can address the current economic and social challenges. We will discuss how post-Keynesians have analysed these problems applying different theoretical and empirical methods and have economic policy alternatives.