2nd SDMRG International Workshop: Structural Change and Policies for Ecological Transition

8 Jun 2022 – 10 Jun 2022

The 2nd SDMRG International Workshop is a joint initiative with the Graduate Program in Economics of the University of Brasília and the Regional Councils of Economics of the Federal District and the State of Goias. It represents a unique opportunity to discuss the latest research on various aspects of this complex project. The event is naturally intended to foster diversity in the approach and methodology used to analyse processes of catching-up and falling-behind. Considering that Climate Change is likely to be the most important challenge of our generation, this year's workshop will give special attention to the relationship between sustainable development and structural change. Unfortunately, safety restrictions due to COVID-19 and the ongoing conflict in Eastern Europe have not allowed the conference development in a more standard format. The Organising Committee thanks all participants and interested colleagues for their support in making this Online initiative possible.


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