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Instructions for authors of Working Papers and Policy Notes


The purpose of the working paper series is to communicate work in progress with which a member of the Post Keynesian Economics Study Group (PKSG) is engaged. Papers should be 5,000 - 10,000 words in length and in a form suitable for an academic journal. References to a full bibliography should be included, in a style of your choice so long as it is applied consistently. Please be sure to include citations of relevant work by other Post Keynesian economists, including PKSG Working Papers. All submissions should be sent in final but editable electronic form (including diagrams and pictures in place) to the Working Papers Editor, wp@postkeynesian.net.

Publication as a working paper does not usually preclude publication of the same paper in a refereed journal, although you should check the preprint policy of any journal to which you intend to submit the paper. Copyright of a working paper remains with the author. By submitting a paper you agree that, if accepted, the paper may be posted on a PKSG website for free public download and indexed through RePEc (the Research Papers in Economics bibliographic database). You also confirm that you have not submitted the paper to any other repository apart from that of your own institution. PKSG may remove the paper from its website at any time without notice.

Title pages

The title pages should follow the standard format (insert this cover sheet), including an abstract of no more than 200 words, up to five keywords and JEL classifications. Upon acceptance the Editor will insert a series number on the front page and the paper will be posted on the website as a PDF file.

Editorial policy

Papers are accepted at the absolute discretion of the Working Papers Editor. The Editor may allocate the paper to another member of the PKSG Committee for light-touch (not double-blind) review, in order to confirm that the paper meets the above criteria and is not inappropriate for publication by PKSG.

Policy Notes

An author may submit the draft of a Policy Note, aimed at journalists, think-tanks and policymakers, highlighting in accessible language the relevance to current policy debates of a working paper. The body text of a Policy Note should not exceed an absolute maximum of 700 words in length (a shorter text will permit a larger font). Drafts may be edited and will be published at the discretion of the PKSG Committee.