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Resources for students

Lectures by way of an Introduction to Post-Keynesian Economics

Delivered at Kingston University, London, during July 2013, this course was pitched mainly at graduate students with some prior background in economics. The lectures present post-Keynesian economics as a positive alternative in its own right with the emphasis on macroeconomics.

Lectures on Mankiw's Macroeconomics from a post-Keynesian perspective

Delivered at Cambridge University during November 2013, these lectures present the standard model of the New Consensus on its own merits but from a critical perspective. The lectures were aimed at graduate students with an undergraduate degree in another subject and are at an intermediate level accessible to most economics undergraduates.

Lectures on Keynes's General Theory

Delivered at Cambridge University during 2008-9, this course of lectures was intended for graduate students interested in a close reading of Keynes's magnum opus.

Reading List

The PKSG reading list provides introductory and advanced readings for those interested in post-Keynesian economics. The readings cover various topics and include journal articles, book chapters and books. The reading list is primarily intended for undergraduate and postgraduate students as well as for academics who wish to incorporate post-Keynesian economics into their teaching. The list has purposefully been kept short, but tries to give a broad overview of the richness of post-Keynesian economics. The reading list is structured by thematic headings and we suggest a few readings for each topic. The list is not comprehensive and unavoidably excludes some important readings. Additional valuable sources can be found in the reference lists of the suggested readings.

Curriculum Reform

The Institute for New Economic Thinking created an Economics Curriculum Committee which has produced recommendations for reform.

PKSG supports student calls for pluralism in the teaching of Economics