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25th PKSG Annual Workshop

SOAS, University of London, Friday 29 May 2015

  • Engelbert Stockhammer, Kingston University
    PKSG Annual Report
    talk - slides

  • Jo Michell, UWE
    Dr Piketty on wealth and capital: Finance versus accumulation
    talk - slides

  • Yannis Dafermos, UWE
    An ecological stock-flow-fund modelling framework (with Giorgos Galanis and Maria Nikolaidi)
    talk - slides - paper

  • Malcolm Sawyer, Leeds
    Developing post-Keynesian ecological macroeconomic analyses
    talk - slides - paper

  • Alberto Paloni, Glasgow
    The relationship between the expansion of the banking sector and export specialization in developing countries
    talk - slides

  • Engelbert Stockhammer, Kingston
    Debt-driven growth? Wealth, distribution and demand in OECD countries (with Rafael Wildauer)
    talk - slides - paper

  • Tomas Rotta, Greenwich
    Unproductive accumulation in the United States: A new analytical framework
    talk - slides - paper

  • Hannah Bargawi, SOAS
    Engendering economic recovery: The feasibility of alternative policies for Europe (with Giovanni Cozzi)
    talk - slides - paper

  • Geoff Tily, TUC
    A macroeconomic/empirical case against Osborneā€™s austerity
    talk - slides - paper

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