Stephanie Manea

Kingston University

Research interests

Central banking Climate Change Crisis Debt Development Development Economics Development Finance Development Macroeconomic Development Studies Diaspora Remittances Distribution Earnings Inequality Economic Analysis Economic Geography Economic History Economic Philosophy Economic Policy Economics Of Developing Countries Economics of Keynes Economic Stability Effective Demand Emerging Markets Employment Employment Economics Employment Policy Endogenous Money Environmental Economics Environment Policy Equity Markets Eu Neoliberalisation European Economic Governance European Economic Policies European Imbalances European Integration European Monetary Integration Eurozone Exchange rates Expenditure Fair Trade Finance Finance And Development Financial Fragility Financialisation Financial-Real Macroeconomy Linkages Financial Regulation Financial Stability Financial System Fiscal Policy Foreign Direct Investment (Fdi) Functional Finance Gender Global Governance Globalisation Growth Growth Theory Heterodox Economics History Of Economic Thought Housing Hysteresis Immigration Income Distribution Industrialisation Inequality Inflation Innovation Interest International Economic Policy International Economics International Finance International Macroeconomics International Political Economy International Relations International Trade And Finance Kaldor Kalecki Keynes Labour Market Institutions Local Economic Development Macroeconomic Dynamics Macroeconomic Policy Macroeconomics Marx Marx And Marxism Marxian Economics Marxist Theory Minsky Monetary And Banking Reform Monetary Economics Monetary Keynesianism Monetary Macroeconomics Monetary Policy Monetary Theory Monetary Theory Of Production Money, Credit and Banking Political Economy Political Economy Of Consumption Political Economy Of Firms And Industries Political Theory Population Post-Capitalist Post-Keynesian Growth Models Post Keynesian Theory and Policy Postsocialist Transition Poverty Pricing Progressive Economic Policy Public Economics Public Finance Public Policy Public Services Regional Development Regional Economics Social Justice Social Policy Social stratification Stock-Flow Consistent Modelling Structural Change Structuralist Theory Sustainability Swedish Model Tax Tax Policy Technology Theory Of Value Transition/Development Economics Uncertainty Unemployment Wage formation Wealth Distribution Welfare Welfare State Workers' Participation