Sophia Kuehnlenz

University of Leeds

I am a lecturer at the Manchester Metropolitan University Business School in economics. I hold a PhD in economics from the Leeds University Business School, an MSc and an undergraduate degree in economics from the University of Bamberg.

My research focuses on reoccurring and changing instability levels within complex socio-economic systems. To be able to explain episodes of high fragility, my work aims to establish an extended Minskian theory heavily leaning on the Financial Instability Hypothesis. Methodologically, my research focus lies on a paradigm shift tied to the extended theory.

Whilst the research is concerned with theoretical and methodological issues, the approach is a pluralist one, drawing on Post-Keynesian theories, Sociology, Econophysics, Complexity, International Political Economy and Economic Geography.



Research interests

Agent-based models Behavioural economics Business Cycles Economics of Keynes Economic Stability Economic Transition Endogenous Money