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Engelbert Stockhammer

Kingston University

PKSG Committee Member

<p>Engelbert Stockhammer is Professor of Economics at Kingston University London and coordinator of the Political Economy Research Group (PERG). He has worked on Post Keynesian Economics, financialisation, wage-led demand regimes and economic policy in Europe and is ranked among the top 5% of economists worldwide by REPEC. He has published numerous articles in international peer-refereed journals including the Cambridge Journal of Economics, Oxford Review of Economic Policy, International Review of Applied Economics, Journal of Post Keynesian Economics, British Journal of Industrial Relations, Environment and Planning A, New Political Economy and Socio-Economic Review. Recent books include Wage-Led Growth. An Equitable Strategy for Economic Recovery.</p>

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Research Interests:

Working papers

  • PKWP1805 Engelbert Stockhammer, Joel Rabinovich, Niall Reddy
    Distribution, wealth and demand regimes in historical perspective. USA, UK, France and Germany, 1855-2010

  • PKWP1803 Glennie Lauren Moore, Engelbert Stockhammer
    The drivers of household indebtedness re-considered: an empirical evaluation of competing arguments on the macroeconomic determinants of household indebtedness in OECD countries

  • PKWP1802 Karsten Kohler, Alexander Guschanski, Engelbert Stockhammer
    The impact of financialisation on the wage share: a theoretical clarification and empirical test

  • PKWP1716 Alexander Guschanski, Engelbert Stockhammer
    Are current accounts driven by competitiveness or asset prices? A synthetic model and an empirical test

  • PKWP1715 Engelbert Stockhammer, Quirin Dammerer, Sukriti Kapur
    The Research Excellence Framework 2014, journal ratings and the marginalization of heterodox economics

  • PKWP1714 Asjad Naqvi, Engelbert Stockhammer
    Directed technological change in a post-Keynesian ecological macromodel

  • PKWP1710 Engelbert Stockhammer, Rafael Wildauer
    Expenditure cascades, low interest rates or property booms? Determinants of household debt in OECD Countries

  • PKWP1706 Maria Nikolaidi, Engelbert Stockhammer
    Minsky models: A structured survey

  • PKWP1619 Ewa Karwowski, Mimoza Shabani, Engelbert Stockhammer
    Financialisation: Dimensions and determinants. A cross-country study

  • PKWP1617 Engelbert Stockhammer, Collin Constantine, Severin Reissl
    Explaining the Euro crisis: Current account imbalances, credit booms and economic policy in different economic paradigms

  • PKWP1616 Ewa Karwowski, Engelbert Stockhammer
    Financialisation in emerging economies: a systematic overview and comparison with Anglo-Saxon economies

  • PKWP1607 Engelbert Stockhammer, Walid Qazizada, Sebastian Gechert
    Demand effects of fiscal policy since 2008

  • PKWP1512 Engelbert Stockhammer
    Wage-led versus profit-led demand: What have we learned? A Kalecki-Minsky view

  • PKWP1510 Engelbert Stockhammer
    Neoliberal growth models, monetary union and the Euro crisis. A post-Keynesian perspective

  • PKWP1509 Javier Lopez Bernardo, Engelbert Stockhammer, Felix Lopez Martinez
    A post-Keynesian theory for Tobin's q in a stock-flow consistent framework

  • PKWP1508 Engelbert Stockhammer, C├ędric Durand, Ludwig List
    European growth models and working class restructuring before the crisis

  • PKWP1503 Engelbert Stockhammer, Rafael Wildauer
    Debt-driven growth? Wealth, distribution and demand in OECD countries

  • PKWP1411 Javier Lopez Bernardo, Felix Lopez Martinez , Engelbert Stockhammer
    A Post-Keynesian response to Piketty's 'fundamental contradiction of capitalism'

  • PKWP1406 Engelbert Stockhammer, Alexander Guschanski, Karsten Kohler
    Unemployment, capital accumulation and labour market institutions in the Great Recession

  • PKWP1405 Engelbert Stockhammer, Jo Michell
    Pseudo-Goodwin cycles in a Minsky model

  • PKWP1404 Walid Qazizada, Engelbert Stockhammer
    Government spending multipliers in contraction and expansion
    Policy Note

  • PKWP1401 Engelbert Stockhammer
    The Euro crisis and contradictions of Neoliberalism in Europe

  • PKWP1206 Engelbert Stockhammer, Dimitris Sotiropoulos
    Rebalancing the Euro area: The costs of internal devaluation
    Policy Note

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