IPKN/PKES webinars on Post-Keynesian economics and macroeconomic modelling

17 Jun 2021 –24 Jun 2021

The Post-Keynesian Economics Society (PKES) and the Italian Post-Keynesian Network (IPKN)  co-organised two webinars on post-Keynesian economics and macroeconomic modelling. The aim of the webinars was (i) to support the research of young scholars and (ii) to enhance the collaboration between researchers in Italy and post-Keynesian economists around the world. The webinars covered topics such as agent-based modelling, stock-flow consistent modelling, the supermultiplier, endogenous money and macroeconomic policies.

In each webinar there were three young scholars presenting academic papers and three discussants that provided comments/feedback. 


Thursday 17/6, 15:00-17:00 (UK time) 

Chair: Maria Nikolaidi (University of Greenwich, UK)

Lilit Popoyan (Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna, Italy): “Systemically important banks - emerging risk and policy responses: an agent-based investigation”

Discussant: Ermanno Catullo (Università di Teramo, Italy)


Lorenzo di Domenico (Roma Tre University, Italy): “Multiplicity and not necessarily heterogeneity: implications for the long run degree of capacity utilization”

Discussant: Yun Kim (University of Massachusetts Boston, US)


Severin Reissl (Scuola Superiore Studi Pavia, Italy): “From CATS to CAOS: Fiscal multipliers and agents’ expectations in a macroeconomic agent-based model”

Discussant: Paola D’Orazio (Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Germany)




Thursday 24/6, 15:00-17:00 (UK time)  

Chair: Yannis Dafermos (SOAS University of London, UK)

Riccardo Zolea (Roma Tre University, Italy): “The relation between interest rate and profit rate: the role of bank profitability in an endogenous money framework”

Discussant: Orsola Costantini (UNCTAD, Switzerland)


Hanna Szymborska (Birmingham City University, UK): “The role of housing in household wealth accumulation under financialisation in an SFC model”

Discussant: Özlem Onaran (University of Greenwich, UK)


Guilherme Morlin (University of Siena, Italy): “Growth and debt stability in a supermultiplier model with public expenditures and foreign trade”

Discussant: Engelbert Stockhammer (King’s College London, UK)




Organising committee

Eugenio Caverzasi, Yannis Dafermos, Matteo Deleidi, Maria Nikolaidi